Amazon Affiliate Program – Make Money Sharing What You Love!

Rumor has it that Amazon has a program that allowed you to make commission off of referring people to their site. Is it true? You’ve heard correctly!! Affiliate marketing has the potential to be a very rewarding revenue steam for trendy people with a core base of very loyal followers. 

Whether your expertise is fashion, board games, or technology, you can link people through to Amazon and make commission off your sales! Affiliate marketing uses Amazon to facilitate a partnership where businesses will reward people for sending sales their way. Program members are assigned a unique affiliate link that lets the business know this sale came from their affiliate. 

Amazon has the largest affiliate program around, and because the site is so trusted it is easy to get people to buy from that site. You don’t need to send someone through to third party marketing sites they don’t trust to make your commission, now. Just apply to Amazon and start getting paid! This article will teach you how to sign up for the program and use it to start making money for the things you’re already recommending to friends!

Do you need a website to be an Amazon Affiliate?

No! One of the things that make Amazon such a strong affiliate program is that you can use your link anywhere. If you have no website, but tons of Instagram followers, t hen use your Instagram account instead! Just remember to take SEO into account so you can gain as much traction and new followers as possible. 

What do I use to publish?

There are a lot of ways to publish your recommendations and post that affiliate link. The thing you need to remember is domain authority. Publishing on a trusted site will make sure you sow up higher in the Google ranking system and help boost your posts. Aside from that, you can use anything from free blogging sites to social media. 

How to Get Ranked

Some of the things that will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting traffic to your links are basic web marketing techniques. Build some links to other trusted domains and establish partnerships. This will help you both rise in ranking, especially if you’re linking to a higher authority site. Use a well-known site to beef up your rankings because both Google and the average user will trust you by default if your URL includes an already recognized and trusted site. 

Shameless Self Promotion

The tricky thing about affiliate marketing is that you make more money by getting more people to buy things. This requires a lot of shameless self-promotion, but it is a balance. If you promote too much and are too in your face, you’ll turn people off and send them away. On the other hand, if you don’t promote enough your business won’t grow. You also need to use some ethics – let them know you’re making commission but don’t make your entire post a blatant advertisement. Facebook ads and referral traffic will help you grow your business more organically; so don’t be afraid to put them out there. 

Track That Cash Flow

Amazon doesn’t limit you to a single affiliate link. Don’t fall into the trap of using the same affiliate tracking ID for every product you promote. Using different IDs for each product will let you know which posts are successful and which haven’t gained any money. That us extremely useful because it can help you focus on the products that are selling well and dump the ones that don’t. From there, you have saved time and effort on marketing useless crap and can tweak future promotions and marketing to reflect the better products. 

Time Your Promotions

People spend money differently throughout the year. Make sure that you know how to capitalize on the high spending times. November and December are massive. One of the best times for an Amazon affiliate to make tons of money is the holidays. Cyber Monday sales offer irresistible deals, so why not go ahead and make money off the sales people are already buying into? 

Tax season is another great time to offer promotional marketing. People have a giant heap of cash that the government has given them and the money is ready to be spent! Why not encourage them to use your links when spending their refund dollars? This is especially great for technology because people often save major purchases for refund season.

Don’t forget Amazon’s special holiday. Prime Day offers insanely great deals and nearly everyone who buys online is trolling the site for deals. Market your products ahead of Prime Day and send them through your site to buy all their sale items. Your ID says on the site for 24 hours once people click, so there’s no reason not to direct them to the site for the sale! 

Utilizing niche holiday marketing is also a great idea. Things like Halloween costumes and DIY holiday crafting can garner you tons of side income. Pet owners are always looking to spoil their animals. Makeup pallets are huge. Use tutorials to subtly you’re your products! 

Mandatory pages

Amazon’s affiliate program is much more strict thank some of the other affiliate programs because their reputation is so much more trusted. That means there are tons of rules to follow. 

Your website will need these pages to stay ranked in Google and on good terms with Amazon:

  • Introduction – Tell your users about yourself. Why should they trust you and what gives you the authority to make purchasing recommendations?
  • Contact Information – Businesses are required to have a contact page for support. Having a contact page will show people you’re legitimate and that you care. Just remember to actually care and follow up with contact. 
  • Privacy Notice – Let people know that you’re not going to sell their data and abuse their trust in you.  Then follow through and don’t do that evil stuff. 
  • Disclosure Notice – Amazon mandates that every affiliate member discloses that they are making a profit from referrals to their site. This will make sure your users trust you to be transparent. Making sure that your pages are more than just advertisements ad that you genuinely enjoy and support your products tells then your recommendations are more than sales clicks. 

Deliver Quality Content

Regardless of the other sales tactics discussed, it is the content itself that will make or break your success. No one wants to read blatant advertisements, but if you don’t advertise enough no one will click through and buy the product. Tread carefully and be mindful of this balance. 

You will need to learn how to make your content diverse and engaging without leaving the niche you’ve chosen for your market. It helps if you decide to use something you’re already well versed in and truly love yourself. For example, if you and your friends ar4e constantly getting together for tabletop gaming, then start your affiliation program around that. Make play through videos and publish fun anecdotes from game sessions. Recommend games you love. That will naturally show your expertise and passion while still showcasing the products. 

Writing skills are important. If you’re not gifted naturally, then use a website like Grammarly to help you catch mistakes before publishing or try a video medium of some sort instead. 


Amazon Affiliates is a fantastic program as long as you know how to market yourself online. Choose products in your niche, leverage SEO tactics, and make sure you research your keywords carefully. Go ahead and sign up today so you can start cashing in on the things you’re already telling people about! 

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