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There’s no denying that everyday people like you are making money as Amazon Affiliates, but we bet you never knew that some of your favorite websites are also affiliates.

There’s no denying that everyday people like yourself are making money as Amazon Affiliates, but we bet you never knew that some of your favorite websites are also affiliates. These sites have perfected the art of affiliate marketing and the revenue they generate is absolutely staggering!

If you’ve just started the Amazon Affiliate Program and you’re wondering if you’ll be a success, use these sites as inspiration. While it may take some time to get to their level of success, it can be done and these sites are proof!

A Brief Summary of What Amazon Affiliates Do

Amazon affiliates are folks who suggest products to their audience and gain a commission whenever someone purchases something through their affiliate link. Typically, people who run these sites have a genuine interest in providing their readers with useful insight into the products they’re recommending. However, you will come across sites that just throw anything together in hopes of earning some money without putting in much effort. 

With that said, let’s check out some of the affiliate sites that are making bank off of the Amazon Affiliate program.

1. Buzzfeed

It should be no surprise that Buzzfeed is the first affiliate site on this list. If you’re an avid social media user, you’ve definitely come across their posts a time or two. The shopping lists they create typically contain more than 20 products – some even go above 50 products and they recommend everything from Disney products, products for organization, adult novelties, and much much more. 

Since each of their lists are created for a specific category or theme, they’re very popular around the holidays! They even have holiday-specific lists that’ll make finding that perfect gift a little easier. 

Founded: 2006

Monthly Visits: 148.6 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $50 Million

2. TheWireCutter

TheWireCutter is a well-known review site that covers everything from electronics, home and garden, pets, office, and even appliances. What sets this site apart from Buzzfeed is that instead of posting lists of products with just a brief (and not very useful) product description, TheWireCutter creates “Best Of” buying guides that provide readers with an in-depth review of each product. They do this by extensively testing and researching the products they recommend, thereby giving readers the information they need to make the best purchase for their needs. 

What we like the most about TheWireCutter is that they’re transparent about their affiliation with Amazon. They make it clear that their reviews are unbiased and their affiliation has no impact on the reviews. 

If you want to create an Amazon affiliate site that people can trust 100%, we highly recommend using this site as your inspiration. 

Founded: 2011

Monthly Visits: 6.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $150 Million

3. ConsumerSearch

ConsumerSearch is a lot like TheWireCutter in that they review all sorts of products that range from kitchen gadgets, appliances, cookware and so forth. They also review fitness related products, a variety of computers, electronics, health, beauty and much more. The reviews they create focus’ on what real people thought about each and every product. Although they may not test each and every product themselves, they proudly state that they “cut through the noise of thousands of reviews and technical spec comparisons.”

The site was acquired by Ask Media Group in 2007 to the tune of $33 million. 

Founded: 1999

Monthly Visits: 3.4 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $3.3 Million

4. ThisIsWhyImBroke

If you want to buy a gift for a friend (or even yourself) that isn’t the usual coffee mug, throw blanket, or some cheesy card game, ThisIsWhyImBroke is a great place to browse. The site has broken the recommended products into categories like gifts for him, gifts for her, personalized gifts, geeky stuff and more. You can also browse their recommendations based on the type of product. Heck, they even recommend the Aston Martin Motorcycle (not all products are an Amazon affiliate link). 

The layout of the site is more akin to a shopping magazine with brief product descriptions rather than that of TheWireCutter or ConsumerSearch. With that said, we can appreciate that they have a feature where you can “save” an item if you’d like to purchase it later. 

Founded: 2011

Monthly Visits: 1.9 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $2.4 Million

5. PCWorld

PCWorld is a popular site among the techy crowd because it offers reviews for everything from laptops, smartphones, hardware, gadgets and the like. We like appreciate this site because not only does it provide users with useful product reviews, readers can find how-to guides, product comparisons, and news that every tech-fan would want to know about. 

PCWorld is like TheWireCutter in that they are transparent about being an Amazon Affiliate, as well as disclosing their other affiliations. If there’s one thing that you should do as an affiliate marketer, it is that you need to make sure you tell your readers you earn a commission when they use your affiliate links.

Founded: 1983

Monthly Visits: 8.2 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $29 Million

6. GearPatrol

Gear Patrol offers it’s readers a variety for home, outdoor gear, tech, watches and more. They even offer reviews for vehicles (not Amazon Affiliates, of course)! The reviews are pretty detailed and they even go into what they like and don’t like about the given product. What is really cool about Gear Patrol is that their reviews include alternatives if the reader can check out if they want to explore similar options. 

For those who aren’t interested in wading through countless reviews for any given category, they have a page with links to the best of the best that are currently on the market. And, like a few of the other sites on this list, they disclose their affiliation with Amazon.

Founded: 2007

Monthly Visits: 7.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $2.8 Million

7. BestReviews

The name says it all, doesn’t it? BestReviews has a clean design that makes browsing the site pretty easy. They review a wide variety of products ranging from appliances, education, fashion, home, patio and even the kitchen sink (seriously!). The thing about this site is that it doesn’t provide readers with an in-depth review of products. Instead, it has a table that details the pros, cons and the “bottom line” for five products. The site says they purchase the products they review and don’t accept products from manufacturers, which in our book, is notable.

With all of this said, we think that this is a pretty decent example because it does provide readers with a buying guide at the bottom of each product comparison. The guide talks about the benefits of having a type of product and then it goes on to describe the different options available.

Founded: 2014

Monthly Visits: 4.4 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $3 Million

8. TopTenReviews

If ever there was an OG review site,  TopTenReviews is it. This affiliate site has been around for a long time and it’s one of the more trusted review sites out there. It doesn’t do individual reviews for the products they recommend. Instead, they gather a list of ten items of the same category and gives a brief summary of each product. After you get through the list of products, you will find a buying guide. 

Something that this site does that they provide a list of stores where each product can be purchased and the price of the product. Not only do they post other options, they post affiliate links for other retailers with an affiliate program (sometimes called brand ambassadors). This is definitely a unique approach.

Founded: 2003

Monthly Visits: 3 Million

Yearly Earnings: Est. $4 Million

Successful Amazon Affiliates Take Away

If you go to your favorite online retailer, whether it be Amazon or not, you’ll almost always see some kind of affiliate program. The interesting thing is that although there are other programs out there, the Amazon Affiliates program simply can’t be beaten. Think about it! Amazon is the number one online retailer and you can find everything there. If it is in stock and not discontinued, that is. 

If you’re familiar with any of the sites on this list, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common. They are consistent, they have a huge audience, and they do reviews/guides for a wide range of products. This approach works for these sites because their audience knows that whatever they want to buy, they can go to that site and find a quality review. These sites have gained their audiences’ trust and they know that if whenever they wanted to buy something, they could go to that site for good reviews and good recommendations.

Right now, you do not want to spread yourself too thin. You don’t want to cover a huge variety of products because you’ll have a hard time trying to compete with the big boys. You can work up to that over time.aWhat you want to do right now is choose a niche. By choosing a niche to focus on, you can choose the right keywords that’ll draw the most traffic to your site. You have to give your visitors a reason to trust you and support you by using your affiliate links. Create honest reviews that are informative and honest. If you do that, there’s nothing stopping you from being a success!

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